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Exclusive: James-Iroha reveals how he was seduced by...

By Udemma Chukwuma
Uche James-Iroha, who many know as a photographer says, “I’m still a sculptor.” Speaking to Arts and Culture Place in a chat, the artist says “I still employ the principles of sculpture in my lens-based work. I might have stopped working in clay, metals, etc. but I still negotiate my photography with the understanding of symmetry and composition which is often described as sculptural.”

                                       New direction, one of his works
James-Iroha further says he was “seduced by the immediacy of the medium (photography), and attracted by the fact that it was able to confront reality directly with the possibility of the artist to manipulate the elements of art to expand the story.”

He took to photography in 1996 when he graduated from the University of Port Harcourt. To him, “sculpting was already popular in both the contemporary and traditional art scenes but photography for me was a new medium.”
Even though he had not created any sculpture since he left school, James-Iroha says, “I don't feel like I left sculpting.” Will he produce sculptures later in life? “I doubt it, but as the spirit leads.”

He hints that he might have a solo exhibition in Lagos next year.

James-Iroha was born in 1972 at Enugu, Nigeria. He works to promote photography and improve the perception of photographers and photography in Nigeria.

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