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Art: Fifteen artists who are changing the face of art

By Udemma Chukwuma
By Adeleke Akeem 
By Chigbo
Fifteen artists whose works includes paintings, sculptures, drawings, mixed media, installation art, photography, and plastoghraphy in various styles, techniques and media will be participating in a group art exhibition titled Faces and Phases.

The exhibition which will bring together both established and emerging artists with sixty pieces of amazing arts representing the diversified concepts, statements and subjects, will open Saturday, June18 by 4pm and closes on Sunday, June 26, 2016, at Terra Kulture Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria.
By Akeem
Participating artists are: Ade Odunfa, Adeleke Olajide, Godwin Arikpo, Bolaji Ogunwo, Babatunde Ogunlade, Chucks Okonkwo, Donald Ekpo, Durodola Yusuf, Henry Chigbo, Ibrahim Afegbua, Jonathan Ikpoza, Adeleke Akeem, Opedun Damilola, Oluwole Omofemi, Sophia Igbinovia and Uzoma Samuel. These distinguished artists are invited to embrace this movement of expressing the faces of their personal Faces and Phrases as new entrants in exception of Ade Odunfa and Oluwole Omofemi.

Some of the special aspect of this exhibition will be the expedience of the artists’ approach to the works and theme of the exhibition. Ade Odunfa with subtle minimalist approach saturates his works with obvious brush strokes that are gentle and aggressive as his mood dictates. His works are fascination with clarity and uncompromising attitude towards conceptual art.

Adeleke Olajide’s paintings are mostly night scene of landscapes. He illuminates his scenes to change the stereotype effects of unreliable supply of electricity in Nigerian streets.
By Arikpo

Godwin Arikpo's use of alternative materials are highly innovative and surpasses routine techniques. His works are multi-sensual as he creates solid ground for love, unity and peace. Bolaji Ogunwo expresses himself through rich texture created by his palette with aims at addressing the social-political issues ranging from corruption and moral deficit in anticipation that Nigeria will be a giant nation again.

Chuks Okonkwo’s paintings though drawn from emotion, memories, nature, event, experience etc., are mystical as you will keep gazing to find more personal meaning. Henry Chigbo presents an adventure of feeling subjects as seen by the artist. Durodola Yusuf’s works are visual interpretation done with dexterous experimentation fuelled with expressive drama. Ibrahim Afegbua approach his sculptures with process that are unconventional, he explores different materials and methods with passion for use of found objects, inter playing them in his works. He uses binding wires and rods in creating indefinite forms suggesting movement, shapes and forms.

By Ikpoza
Another artist worthy of note is Jonathan Ikpoza, whose serial expressions are characterized with flow of geometric rhythmic movements of lines and shapes enveloped into creative colour orchestration. He captures the quest of human for eternal freedom which governs the act of human and the effects. He states the necessity to hanker for peace in a violence filled society and security in an insecure environment.

While Opedun Damilola focus on balance is easily noticeable as you view his paintings described as hybrid realism and abstract. His paintings of landscapes, sill life and figures shows his intransigent value for balance between abstract and realism. Oluwole Omofemi paints children to document their unpredictability and curiosity. He also evokes a sense of feelings in his works.
 brings her view of the society to fore using additive plastograph techniques. Her bead paintings and plastocast done with vibrant colours evokes a visual imagery and new realities that will leave you fascinated. And finally Uzoma Samuel work focuses on the mentally challenged. His work engages the mind for a speedy need to salvage the human situations of many Nigerians as well as the mentally challenged.

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