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Art has a new name...

Jane Perkins is a UK artist who uses found objects and recycled materials to create something new. On her website Perkins says she gets most of her materials from charity shops, boot sales and the recycling centre, including donations from friends and neighbours. Perkins says each piece usually takes about three weeks and that she initially uses a glue gun so she can play with the layout and move objects around. Once satisfied, she paints the whole artwork with a layer of diluted PVA glue.
“I am a ‘re-maker’, taking inspiration from found objects and turning them into something new. Although my background is in textiles, I now work predominantly with plastic,” the artist wrote on her blog.
She obtains her inspiration in found objects. She uses anything from toys, shells, buttons, beads, jewellery etc. as material for her re-interpreted contemporary art. Perkins states that she doesn’t add any colour, her work comes out of spontaneously placed small pieces of right size and shape. 

You can see more artworks on Jane’s website:

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