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Artist controls people

"Often times we see one’s fall begin when he/she gives room to animality, indolence, impurity, corruption, and confusion of thought. The body is in high quest for earthly desires. The lack of self-control over these desires often paves way for one’s fall. One must master his/her body and have control over it. The control of the body begins with the control of the mind and the thought therein. Thoughts become habit and habit breed circumstance. To live a life of self-control, resolution, purity, righteousness, and well-directed thought will aid one to ascend to heights of spiritual and moral zenith.

“In Be thy Brothers Keeper
I investigate and question religious intolerance, violence, terrorism, and xenophobic tendencies. Man is a creation of one God no matter what religious, political, cultural, and racial affiliations one may choose to have. Religious tendencies purports that each one has its own supreme God. There cannot be several supreme Gods creating the same mankind. Therefore, can God say to a being: “kill the other being I created because his/her mode of worship is different or wears a different colour of skin?" said Johnson Uwadinma.

About the Artist
Johnson Uwadinma is a contemporary Nigerian artist known for his paintings that feature tessellating hues and multiple textures. Uwadinma’s work is characterised by an interest in truth, morality, memory and the never-ending intrigue of human co-existence. Uwadinma’s work is defined by past and present experiences of the Nigerian State and Africa’s history.
Uwadinma has exhibited extensively in several group exhibitions in Nigeria in addition to two solos, Aphorism, at Mydrim Gallery, Lagos in 2013 and Erasure, at Boys’ Quarters Project Space, Port Harcourt in 2014/2015. He lives and works in Port Harcourt, Nigeria. 

 Uwadinma's recent stylistic rendition explore the dynamics of fragmentation and the visual tessellations of hues which he combines with strong compositional organization to create complex, yet simple visual metaphors. This present engagement underscores his urge to see a world transformed by the engagement of truth and morality.
 Johnson Uwadinma was born 1982 in the city of Zaria, Kaduna State, Nigeria. He obtained a Bachelor’s degree in Fine Art and Design (Painting Major) and an Master’s degree in Painting from the University of Port Harcourt in 2005 and 2013 respectively. He is a recipient of several awards including Chief Jubilee Owei Art Prize for Excellence and First Prize, NNPC/EPNL World Environment Day Art Competition. He has participated in several exhibitions and has his works in private and public

Chika Idu returns with the Other World

One of the works which will be on display during the show
An an art exhibition of watercolour and oil paintings by Chika Idu opens on Saturday, May 23 and runs until May 30 at Alexis Galleries, Victoria Island, Lagos. Titled The Other world, Idu revealed this during a press session recently in Lagos, that the exhibition will feature 20 works. 

The upcoming solo show says a lot about nature, the environment, sanitation and pollution. Idu asserted that he is using the exhibition to create awareness for the limitations and hazards which sand excavation from the Lagos State lagoon can bring to the inhabitants of the State, especially those living very close to the riverbanks. “This is why I titled the exhibition The Other World,” he said. 

His technique and style are characterised by heavy texture and hazy rendition which he calls “light against visual distortion. Idu has been painting this technique for 16years and his favourite themes are women and children. Idu sees himself as an activist. He sees his work as the beginning of a dialogue and not the dialogue or the end of it.

Most of his works for this show have children as the subject. “I use children as my subject because I have seen underage being the bread winner of their family,” he said.  You will be seeing children, boats and water.

He urged art collectors or whoever intends to purchase his works to always check the back for his footprint. The show is being curated by the CEO of Alexis Galleries, Mrs Patty Chidiac. “I have known Chika Idu for four years and Alexis Galleries is happy to show his works,” she said.

About the artist
Chika Idu was born in 1974 in Delta State of Nigeria. He had his early childhood and education in Lagos, Nigeria and his Higher National Diploma (HND) at Auchi Polytechnic in Edo State Nigeria in 1998.  He has participated in numerous group and solo exhibitions. In the year 2000 he created the first ever watercolour society of artists called 'Sables'. Four years ago he moved his studio to Ikorodu where he currently works he is a full time studio artist.

The exhibition is supported by:  Leventis, Litho-Chrome, Veuve Clicquot Ponsardin, Cool TV, Wazobia TV, Cool fm, Info Lagos, Wazobia FM, Arra Wines, The Venue Suites, Nova Internet Solutions, Chocolate Royal, The Homestores, Art CafĂ© and Alexis Galleries