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Art stole my childhood-Makata

By Udemma Chukwuma 
Many artists have found that working within a small and clearly defined area, with limited means, holds too many restrictions.

Those Cracks on the Wall

The rains are here
Again there are floods
In and out of houses
water will seep
Through those gaps
In and out of houses 
As it rains outside 
So does it rain
Within the rooms and
Along the corridors 
Plastic bowls and pails
Are arranged on a line
Sometimes against the wall
Other times here and there 
To collect the rainwater 
Falling in and out of the houses
It rains over the city
Rain also fails in and
Out of rainwater trickles down
Through those gaps
Those cracks on the walls

By O'Yemi Ajike Afolabi
1 July 2017
All rights reserved