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Infinite Treasures at Terra Kulture

This Saturday, November 4, a group art exhibition titled Infinite Treasures will open for public viewing at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos, Nigeria.

Featuring 100 interesting pieces by Kolade Oshinowo; Sam Ovraiti, Fidelis Odogwu, Edosa Ogiugo, Abiodun Olaku, Reuben Ugbine, Bunmi Babatunde, Alex Nwaokolo, Duke Asidere, Diseye Tantua, Joshua Nmesirionye and Lekan Onabanjo.
“Infinite Treasures is an annual concept of recognised and celebrated brands on the Nigerian art landscape, cutting across overlapping generations of artists. For anybody who collects their works today, whether unconsciously or knowledgeable, you have improved the worth of your estate. The artworks are brands that have innate value. So if you have any of those pieces from any of these artists, you have timeless value,” said Olaku.
Each of the artists has a personal reason for participating in the show. “It’s an ongoing relationship as we evolve. As the aspirations are being made manifest in terms of result in practice, adding quality to yesterday’s work and getting hungrier for more qualitative work and you find a platform, and that platform brings the artist and collectors, and the artists consult together. So it’s something that fires or fans the fire for the artist,” said Ogiugo.
“For me, I see it as a platform to showcase something new; the development in my work because for some time now I have not had any solo. The exhibition is something I look forward to every year with the pedigree of the artists involved, it makes one to work harder. It’s a major thing for me,” says Nwaokolo.
To Ovraiti: “We are now in the era of collaboration, it’s no longer about one-man show. The exhibition is one way of testing myself. One good thing about it is the element of surprise. Nobody knows what the next person is bringing. You just know that you must comply with the theme. People are looking for what to feed their soul because art is food for the soul and you must not be feeding people with the same thing all the time.”
The exhibition is something we look out for, we try to put in the best and I like to highlight that infinite treasure of what I do. The content of what I will show has to define the theme,” says Odogwu.
The exhibition end on Monday13th, November.  

By Udemma Chukwuma

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