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Asa’s poesy brings nature close by and points at the priceless, little things, simple blessings, and moments we often oversee in the chaos that surrounds us each day. She tells the truth when she sings, the truth about herself, her life and her family, and all the things people don’t talk about themselves. She tells the story of her life in her songs and people want to hear it, I love her style of music and the lyrics of her songs.I believe that our country Nigeria is blessed with all it takes to develop. I believe in our national identity, and unity. 
It’s true that the Nigerian economy has up until now not seen very promising growth, with the insurance and oil industries generating money for the economy as well as jobs.It’s true that our economy had become reliant on money generated from crude oil exports.

It’s a fact that we are facing hydra headed challenges but all these doesn’t change who we are, we are the most beautiful people on the face of the earth, a people united by love so strong, we are a very resourceful and resilient peopleagainst all odds and we mustWake up and choose to see faith, to see hopefulness, to see peace and Believe in all things good, and say the right things about our dear nation Nigeria in this new era of governance. May we move away from all the homicides and embrace the greenness of our culture. May He guide our leader’s right and ingrain the TRUTH in our hearts.

Let Asa’s track, “Eye Adaba”, be a tonic we all need at this time. It’s a Yoruba song literally understood as “Dove”, it is a solemn, contemplative prayer; one of hope and sincere yearning for peace. You can sing it with me
Ojumotimo/ Ojumotimo mi [I wake up at dawn, as it dawns upon me]
Ni le yi o, o/ Ojumotimo, mori re o [In this Land, it’s dawn, I see hope…]
Eye adaba, eye adaba [Dove, dove]
Eye adabati n fol’okel’oke [Dove that flies far above the sky]
Waba le mi o, o [Come, descend on me]
Ojumotimo, mori re o [It’s dawn, I see hope]
E wikim’gbo se [Please, sing for me again]

I love the imagery; the all-encompassing use of the dove as an allegory for many things good. The dove represents peace and good tidings. It is also associated with goodness, kindness, trust, affection, dependability, and heavenly guidance.  

I choose to paint the lyrics of this song because I believe it’s a rallying call for Nigerians to treat these testing times as a wakeup call,we can turn the corner and use this as a stepping stone to make our country stronger economically. Nigeria would come out better and stronger.

Let this song be to you a constant reminder that there is always hope, new possibilities and wonders waiting, just around the corner.  May we find renewal in the silence of our minds? God bless all of us!

By Godwin Arikpo

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