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Is our culture being neglected? Tracy Augustine answers

Is our culture being neglected? Tracy Augustine answers Tracy Augustine is a final year  Graphics student at the University of Port Harcourt, Rivers State, Nigeria. At first glance, her colourful digital painting and subject matter is distinctively contemporary. 
Augustine’s narrative digital paintings are filled with energetic mix of colours and figures. Her works tackle topics related to African women and lifestyle, which are sources of her inspiration.

My reason for painting African women and hairstyles is to encourage young women to accept their culture as it is our identity and it affords us due recognition than adapting to the borrowed culture,” said the twenty-one-year-old from Abia State.
“For example, how many native wears do most Nigerian women have compared to their English wears? Our culture is being neglected?” she noted.
According to her, in time past the African women were known for their thick black afro hair and it was believed by the Africans that if a woman has a thick hair, she will have many children, farms and riches, which is the other reason she illustrates the thick black hair of African woman rather than artificial hair.  

She claimed that her painting style called Vector painting was developed during her Industrial Training. She revealed that she tried to do something new, which was how she came up with this style of painting, thus, she went on by researching online and discovered amazing works by a graphic artist named Thomas di Vingni and got motivated.
The young artist is currently campaigning against domestic violence against women and children with her art works.
“Most women in Nigeria are victims of domestic violence, the paintings are to create awareness that can be helped.”
 To her, “poverty is a major cause of domestic violence.”
Although she has not had any exhibition, but Augustine has been able to sell few of her works. One can say in no time that she will establish herself as one of the best digital painters from Nigeria.

By Udemma Chukwuma

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