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Heartening Thine Heart With Articulating Arts Galore

The picturesque of humanity is never complete till God's manifests His glorious packages through three principal human channels.
First are the artists who delve into continuum of their beings, be inspired to think, imagine, be impressed and thus express what the God of their understanding want them to express in symbolic works of art for others to admire.
Musicians play their music not only to entertain but further deepen our thoughts numerously too.
Writers obtain in fancies and vogues and they write for our information, education and entertainment but sometimes those pedestrian amongst them rubbish us in thoughts, word and actions.

The Biennial 2017 Art Exhibition at the Railway Museum, Ebute Metta , Lagos which opening came up Saturday 14th October 2017 remains as symbolic as what art of any form is supposed to be.
From far and near came the lovers of arts and artists displaying their thoughts, powers of imagination and practical physical realities for eyes to see and accompanying emotions. 
True to any form of art, like postage stamp collecting as philatelists 
lay claim, “The World is Just a Stamp Away". 
Like a biblical questioning, "What have you gone to wilderness to 

At the Biennial 2017, I saw a resurrection and given life to golden age of Railways in an arcane and abandoned environment which Legacy, The Historical and Environmental Interest Group of Nigeria has put life into from the sadness of its abandonment. 
The numerous works of art on display are a galore of talents in symbols and symbology or how do you picture the undying spirit of Ibrahim Magu and his portal of EFCC incarnating wood work of art as his anti corruption operatives clamping on alleged thieving corrupt affluent Nigerians, and the corrupt too boxing back the anti corruption crusade.

Oyinbo too from foreign land are around to tell us stories of Rhodesia, of Rwanda in portraits and pictures.
Beautiful paintings on old railway coaches keep telling their stories 
for those that care to see even to the stage of sinking to mind's eyes. 
Son of Man along with Segun Esan, the Secretary General of the Nigerian Railway Union in the dark room of a coach learnt lesson an artist try to impart in a classroom set up for environmental study in classroom environment.
Hewers of wood with big axes talk of hard work as a panacea to poverty. 
Can't remember all and can't be you if you care to long throat like me into the world of admiration of what you cannot do but others are burning candle lights, the artists struggles to make our world a multicultural but then a better place to live in.

Did I see any politician, a top functionary of government? 
Never, they hardly feel good, hardly think great but likely always stealing gargantuan.
Taiye Olaniyi  at the opening of the exhibition 

Hooooo I mimick the today's pentecostalists as I remember Chief Obafemi Awolowo referring to assemblage of pedestrian politicians and those of deep minded humane humans which the artists are.
On politicians Awolowo said: “The trouble is when those in position of ruler ship and leadership are in clubs, mingling with men of shady characters and ladies of easy virtues, I, and people of like minds are in our rooms thinking of the problems of Nigeria and how to find solutions to them. Only the Deep can call to the Deep".
The art exhibition at the Railway Museum is good enough to relax, to amuse, to educate, inform and affords fraternity in international friendship. 

By Taiye Olaniyi
Photos from Taiye Olaniyi's Facebook post

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