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POEM: The Difference is Clear

The difference is clear
The lecture was brilliant
The speaker put across
His ideas on social issues
In lucid and simple words
Not for him the ‘isms’
Or sensational words
Which only impress by
Their sound rather than
By their meaning
He answered questions
He didn’t attack opponents
To his ideas or words
We all swarmed around
Him thereafter, some to
Pat him on the shoulders
For rendering an intelligent speech
Others came to get his
GSM number and e-mail address
He readily responded to all
With smiles and eagerness
He attended to all, young and old
At the book launch they arrived
They came in flowing agbada
They occupied the high table
Their orderlies, ADC or bodyguard
Standing at attention behind
With a toothpaste smile on
They looked down at the audience
They made pledges of thousands
Millions, billions of naira
The ceremony over
They trooped out of the hall
Their security personnel falling
Over themselves to keep away
The crowd, the same crowd that
‘Voted’ them into office
The people whose interest
They are supposed to be
Defending in Abuja
You cannot reach them
You cannot demand or get their
Phone number or e-mail address
You see how starched their
Agbadas are, that’s how rigid
Their hearts are, hearts that
Only thaw in the presence of
The omnipotent NAIRA
©O'Yemi Afolabi, Lagos, circa 2003

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