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Emmanuel Eni reveals new exhibition date (The Art Merchant)

Emmanuel Eni has said Saturday, March 7, is the new date for his next solo art exhibition titled: The Art Merchant. The show will hold at the National Museum, Onikan, Lagos.

“I am very happy that I will showcase my sculptures and paintings to the Nigeria public. This is a wonderful opportunity. That is why I am inviting all lovers of arts to be at the event,’’ he said.

Eni will showcase over 20 masterpieces of sculptures and paintings of his latest works and the show is being supported by Bruce Onobrakpeya Foundation.
When asked “what is Art Merchant?” He explains: “At a time in history, a trader becomes a merchant, creating a chain to wholesalers, retailers, as well as consumers. Art Merchant, the growing art market, is a new splendour being realised. Art Merchant is the coming out from a shell, or on a more positive way, from the rigid. Art Merchant is letting the cat out of the bag to show artworks reciprocating the art merchant’s emergence bringing art to the people."

He said “Art Merchant aims at telling story of artists whose future have been mortgaged and commercialsed. It will be a thrilling outing for art collectors with a new body of works aimed at raising awareness on the challenges and implications of African art current market.”

The exhibition according to him will feature panel discussion on ‘Arts and Merchants’ which will be anchored by art experts and collectors. He said: “Art Merchant exhibition is the fulfilling aspects of the selected light paintings that I crystallise transience. The viewer easily experiences physical and deep emotion in works evocation.

“Sculptures showing in Art Merchant exhibitions are uniquely modelled forms and kinds that retain the deepest of their true evocation. My exponent’s pieces have attributes and feeling of sculptures bringing gifts. Fifteen sculptures and materials that include bronze, fibre glass, and terra cotta will be on display, including ten large scale paintings in oil, acrylic and mixed media.”
He stressed he will continue to pursue his already known identity as an artist, who invests his creativity, profoundly in digging deep into the contemporary African problems for the Nigerian audience.

This renowned artist is from Igbanke in Edo State and was born in1967. He studied Fine Arts at the University of Benin, Edo, Nigeria. He obtained a Masters degree in Sculpture at the Royal Academy of Arts, London.

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