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Of Fractals and Embryos... Life, art as organised jumble

“We are all a part of one single unfurling fractal reality and connected to each other," contemporary Nigerian artist, Godwin Arikpo, jointly exhibiting with Promise O’nali, has declared.
"Everything in the universe is connected," he added, "as part of this great expanding fractal cosmic entity. Each life form is a variant of fractal dynamics."
This has set the tone for an exhibition unusual, a fusion of geometry and visual art, titled "…Of Fractals and Embryos", which opens on November 3, 2018. Time is 3pm; and the venue is Alexis Galleries, Victoria Island, Lagos.  It runs till November 17, 2018. 
To Arikpo, the study of Fractal geometry allows bounded curves of infinite length, and closed surfaces, with infinite area. It even allows curves with positive volume, and arbitrarily large groups of shapes, with exactly the same boundary. This is exactly how our lungs manage to maximize their surface area.
“Physiologists discovered an empirical understanding of how much blood flows through our circulatory system, and how this relates to the physical size of the vessels that carry it. The kidneys, the liver, the pancreas are all organs created along self-similar fractal rules. So too is the most extraordinary of all; the human brain which is, without conviction, a very fractal piece of art! It has a fascinatingly fractal structure. You only have to look at it to see that. It is visually crumpled and wrinkled and highly intricate, as it folds back and fort on itself,” says the Port Harcourt-based artist.
For Godwin Arikpo, Fractals permeate our lives and the whole system of the universe is essentially governed by flow dynamics. With each of us being a part of one inconceivably large unfurling fractal entity that constitutes everything, our purpose becomes evidently to participate consciously and continue the journey, of evolution and entropy, by expressing creativity that keeps the whole thing expanding; rather than descending into a flat field of sameness.  But all contribute as part of this one unfurling, fractal whole.
His co-exhibitor, Promise O’nali, brings a fresh perspective, to compliment Arikpo's geometry -- Embryos! 
Embryos," O'nali explained, "are metaphors for evolution, change, growth, advancement, formation. Evolving consciousness doesn't happen overnight.  People will have to experience the pros and cons of certain actions, before deciding on the best action to take for optimal result. And these changes would have to begin with a shift in our individual and collective consciousness. We have to decide consciously to make things easier and better for ourselves and our immediate environment.  This will, in turn, have a ripple effect, which would set off a kind of Pandora's box that puts our consciousness on a higher pedestal.”
To him: “The paintings of circles and embryos are metaphors for consciousness evolution.  These works are mostly of figures in profile, embedded in circles, laden with embryonic swirls, which represent the consciousness bubble of each individual, family, community, nation, etc. We always find ourselves in these bubbles we have created; and it influences the way we interact with other people and handle sensitive situations. For me," he explained, "embryos represent our states of consciousness.  It grows everyday.  But its growth rate depends heavily on what and how we feed it.”
...Of Fractals and Embryos encapsulates the idea of embryos, as an artistic exploration of the evolution of collective consciousness; and how it enhances human development. Our circulatory system, our lungs, our brains are like trees. They are fractal structures. Most natural bodies -- and that includes us, human beings -- are composed of many different types of fractals, woven into each other, each with parts which have different fractal dimensions.
How our minds work is highly dependent on what we feed it with.  If we only think and consume ideas that move us to the next level of human development, then our immediate environment will be a lot more conducive; and inviting both for human interaction and economic growth.
“Alexis Galleries is pleased to exhibit the works of these artists. This is the first time the works of these selling artists will be on view in our gallery and we are happy to show their recent works. The exhibition will feature about 30 paintings and mixed media masterfully created,” says the CEO of the gallery and curator of the exhibition, Mrs. Patty Chidiac-Mastrogiannis.
The exhibition deals with human evolution and our ever evolving society. …Of Fractals and Embryos humans have always been surrounded with events and people that teach them certain ideals about life.  These experiences form the nucleus of each individual's circle of consciousness. Each individual’s way of life is highly dependent on his level of consciousness and in hind sight, we are all surrounded in a consciousness bubble. 
...Of Fractals and Embryos is a commingle of two artists and their different philosophies of the evolution of consciousness
“This exhibition wouldn’t have been possible without our sponsors:Pepsi, Delta Airline, Amarula, Nederburg, Cobranet Internet Service Provider, Cool FM, Wazobia FM/TV, Chocolate Royal, The Avenue Suites, Art Café and The Homestores Limited who have been very supportive,” says Chidiac-Mastrogiannis.

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