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Meet the curator behind Lagos Art Auction

Those who are not familiar with the Lagos art scene may not know Aderonke Akinyele. She is the curator for Terra Kulture Art Gallery, a leading Art Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria. And also the curator and project manager of Terra Kulture Mydrim Auction House (TKMG), where she has curated approximately 3,500 contemporary Nigeria artworks for the gallery and auction house since 2013.

The art curator and project manager has an educational background in visual arts and creative enterprise.  Akinyele specializes in art curation for contemporary and modern art. She is a portfolio manager for a handful of artists, private collectors and institutional organisations.

She is working on other titles and she acts as curator /project manager to many other art oriented projects including art exhibitions, Art forums/workshops/seminars and organisation art projects. She is an alumnus of the Birmingham City University, Birmingham and the University of Lagos, Lagos.

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