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Njorku combats unemployment in Africa

Njorku combats unemployment in Africa

Graduates are finding it more and more difficult to find employment on a daily basis without any hope of getting one soon.  Some have even settled for menial works as their desired jobs are not forthcoming.

This compelled a self-taught software and website developer, Churchill Nanje, to develop, a search engine which serves as a marketplace for job seekers across Africa,

In a chat with Nanje recently, he said is a website that works like Google but focuses on helping people search and find job pages in Africa.

He said: “I was inspired to launch because I realized there was a need for it in Africa. There was no single place you could go and find all jobs on the internet in Africa. And I also needed a tool to help me find and employ people for my company so that gave to birth”

This young entrepreneur from Cameroon explained once you ask for information on all accounting jobs or any job of your choice in Africa, “the search engine will go on the internet, find all websites that have information on the most recent accounting jobs and then present you a list and you can review this list and follow the links then apply…so you can find all jobs via”

He said the site has been useful to job seekers since it was launched in. “A lot of people have sent us emails thanking us for our service and telling their friends to use the platform as they were able to secure jobs via our,” he testified.

What would you say about the patronage, is it encouraging?
Well, we are having thousands of daily unique users without any paid advertising is more than the word encouraging. So yes I would say so far we are happy with the usage and how people love and cherish the technology we are building for them for free.

What are the challenges you are facing managing this site?
The biggest challenge we are facing is finding the right talents or people with the skills to join the team and help grow the business. The problem Njorku is solving for other companies its facing it and as we are going forward this problem is also fading away as Njorku gets closer to solving the problem for itself. 

What does the future holds for
With time we will focus on our business model which is centered on subscriptions and advertising with huge potentials. We are very happy with our current investors and for now they are just happy to be part of something that has potentials to be very big and span across the continent.

For more information, visit |
skypeID: mambenanje or contact Churchill Nanje

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