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God Has a Sense of Humour

From the first sentence of God Has a Sense of Humour Ebi Akpeti brings to life the emotional, inspiring, hilarious, heartfelt true-to-life stories of six women in their late thirties.

The book observes these contemporary women struggling to have a fulfilled life. The six short stories reflect cheating, heartbreak, greed, loneliness, trust, health and why men cheat.

God Has a Sense of Humour travels to the minds of these women and relates their diverse unforgettable experiences. The book starts with: The Prison with Golden Gates. It focuses on a lonely woman, whom her husband is a cheat. She notes: “I miss my husband’s girlfriends.

"Whenever he was having an affair, he become a new man; more witty, more talkative and friendly around the house. He shaved daily and traded his frayed underwears for snug boxer briefs.

“Whenever they broke up with him, I suffered with him as he would always, somehow, take it out on me and turn my life and our home into a living hell. Even our dismal sex life was affected.”

This sensitive book basically urges women in general to embrace who they are and face the challenges life brings their way without being intimidated or blame other people for their problems and mistakes.

All the stories in this book are very interesting. You won't want ypdrop it once you start you pick it. Written in plain and simple language, which is very easy to understand. This 180 pages book was published July, 2014.

Singlelaria is story about a woman waiting for her soul mate. The man she thought was the one for her called her on her birthday and said: “Happy birthday, Ada. This might not be best time to say this, but please stop coming to uninvited to my house. I am not interested. Focus on finding someone that can marry you. Happy birthday.”

You just need to experience this book because is a must read for women and men. And you hope will glade you did. 

Other titles are: Death Is No Longer a Rumour. The Woman that Marries for Money Earns Every Kobo, Life Can Only be Understood Backward, The Gong that Should have Deafened Me and God Has a Sense of Humour.
In general, God Has a Sense of Humour is a moralistic book which every woman and the men in their lives should read because it will touch and inspire your lives.

Ebi Akpeti is also the author of: The Perfect Church, Castrated and Growing Pains.

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