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Ozangeobuoma, others show ‘Imaginativeness’

A group exhibition of paintings and drawings titled Imaginativeness will be on view this Saturday, May 18, 2019, at Alexis Galleries, Victoria Island, Lagos. Featuring Orlu PrinceOzangeobuoma.
The curator, Patty Chidiac-Mastrogiannis, reviewed this yesterday during a press preview session at the gallery, adding that the show will run till May 25, 2019.
“Their works range from pictorial art to contemporary art of figure paintings and drawings. The show will depict the expression of the artists who worked tirelessly to create the pieces.”
With the theme, Ozangeobuoma questions himself and transforms uncommon subjects (fat women) into appealing treasures. This shows his mastering and consistency in figure, displaying his originality and manipulation of colours that complement each other. His works for this exhibition reveals mastering of a prolific and versatile artist with adventurous themes typical of an artistic restiveness with the quest of new ways of expressions.
In Imaginativeness, Ogidi is showing her works to the public in one space for the first time. The self-taught artist will have ten works on display, which are mostly landscape and everyday life activities. She infuses a transcendent cultural perspective into her art, which offers a fresh, brave, and very powerful outlook with bright colours, a strong theme of liberty, and vivid representation. She specializes in using palette knives and oil paint and draws inspiration from the colours in nature and people in moments of hustle and solitude.
For Osanyemi, depicting his thoughts on canvas with charcoal, presenting striking interesting drawings through abstract realism. In order to create influential meaning with his artistic skill, he conceptualises in other works upon contemporary art; art of the present, holding a perception that art should not be based only on showcasing an individual's skill but as a medium of conveying powerful messages. However, a lot of people may see the thought provoking drawings of naked women as taboo.

PHOTO, L-R: Ogidi, Ozangeobuoma, Chidiac-Mastrogiannis, the founder of  Cerebral Palsy Centre Nigeria; Nonye Nweke and Osanyemi at the press preview session. 

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