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Meet ten most classy and stylish Nigerian artists

Diseye Tantua
Our number one classy and most stylish male visual artist in Nigeria is Diseye Tantua. Some may not agree with this, but for years now he has dazzled his followers and lovers of his art with his sense of style.
Timi Kakandar
In every art gathering, the multi-media artist arrests everyone’s attention with his appearance. You cannot help it but notice him. To show how keen Tantua is about his look, the Port Harcourt-based artist has gone as far as getting himself a stylist, which many artists dare not! Warri man will say “who bone them?”
Number two is Timi Kakandar. This artist who just relocated to Lagos from Port
Harcourt is what we call a fashionista and he has the body structure and height that makes whatever he puts on fit perfectly well on his body. 
He may not have a stylist like Tantua, but he has been able to style himself, which is a plus for him. Thumbs up Kakandar.
Oliver Enowonwu
Johnson Uwadinma

Chamberlin Ukenedo
Johnson Uwadinma’s look may appear simple but you will agree with us that he knows how to combine colours. You will always see him in shirts and chinos and they sit well on his body which he compliments with trainers and sometimes, with shoes. Every now and then you see him in native attires which he wears with pride. He is also a Port Harcourt-based artist.

If you ask me, I would say that the Port Harcourt-based artists are classy and stylish more than majority of Lagos-based artists who dress shabbily. Someone once said they dress like ‘beggars”. No be me talk am o!
Edosa Oguigo 
However, we still have some Lagos-based artists who do not joke with their look. We will mention just a few. Oliver Enowonwu is the ladies’ man. He eats, breathes and lives fashion.
Nyemike Onwuka 
Edosa Oguigo dresses smart all the time and he wears different shades of blue than other colours. Oguigo is also a lover of trainers and bowler hats.
Olu Ajayi
Olu Ajayi always kill it, he is the shirt, trousers and jeans type. 
Nyemike Onwuka wears his shirt, jeans and trainers in a unique way that stands him out from the crowd.
Uche Edochie 
Chamberlin Ukenedo’s name may not ring bell, the Creative Director/Illustrator with an advertising agent, once in a blue moon you run into him at art events. He made our because of his distinguish style. Perhaps, it could be because his artist-turned-designer wife (Ella Cutout) is behind his taste of style. Uche Edochie may not make fashion statements all the time but he has it going on for him.
Olusegun Adejumo
How can we forget Olusegun Adejumo? The man knows how to impress especially with native attire. His tailor deserves a pat on the back.
Well, you may say what business does an artist have with fashion…but who says artists shouldn’t look good and be stylish? You tell us if you disagree with us…

 By Rachel Christopher

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