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How We Finally Die opens at the National Museum

How We Finally Die, an exhibition of remarkable paintings by contemporary Nigerian artist Akintunde Odesola with disturbing images of children visibly ravaged by hunger and destitution occasioned by war and civil unrest. Also with iconic figures like Maya Angelou, Abraham Lincoln, Martin Luther King Jr., Chinua Achebe and so on, opens on Saturday, April 21 by 2:00pm at National Museum, Onikan, Lagos, Nigeria.

The Lagos based artist says How We Finally Die, “projects the realities of human failures in forging for itself, a community which secures healthy living and association. It interrogates vital issues of governance and human relations to underline the need for practical policies which address poor socio-political and economic standards, while encouraging peaceful coexistence, especially in a multi-ethnic society as Nigeria.”
What inspired the theme of the exhibition? “It came up through the curator (Luciano Uzuegbu), after he saw the collection of my paintings. But the bottom line that gave birth to the title is, if war continues to determine the means of solution in any situation without considering the future of the children, this is How we finally die,” says Odesola.
How We Finally Die, is the first solo of the self-taught artist. It will feature twenty works and runs till Saturday, April 28, 2018.
Odesola is also a poet. He studied Literature in English at National Open University of Nigeria. He is a member of Society of Nigeria Artists (SNA).

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