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IDENTITIES on Display at Denk Spaces

By our reporter
Take-away packs on canvas by Makata
For one month, 25 artworks of various medium will be on display at Denk Spaces, 13, Uyo Crescent, Off Emeka Anyaoku Street, Area 11, Garki, Abuja, Nigeria.
The exhibition titled Identities will open on Sunday, July 9 and runs through July, 2017. It will feature works by Promise O’nali, Stanley Dudu, Erasmus Onyishi, Obinna Makata and Dada Adedayo.  
Wood etching by Onyishi
The exhibition according to the curators allows the artists to convey their experience, emotions and messages, which focus on various subject matters with different opinions.
Mixed media by O'nali 
Pastel on paper by Dudu
The show will also feature realist pastel works by Dudu, metal sculptures by Adedayo, mixed media by Makata, etchings by Onyishi and abstract paintings by O’nali.
Metal sculpture by Dada
Ekemelu Nnoli, Denk Spaces’ director and co-curator of the show, says the colourful exhibition will “feature a carefully selected group of highly talented artists whose engaging works magically arouse very deep thought and emotions. An array of never before exhibited works will come to life and invite you to do some soul searching in a quest to unravel your true identity. Sometimes we are convinced, we strongly believe we must know who we are, but do we really know our identity?” 
Nnoli continues: “Just as we enjoyed the experience of putting together this distinct and captivating ensemble of colourful artworks comprising paintings, sculptures and mixed media, we also invite you to join us on this never ending journey of self-discovery using breath taking art works as a medium.
“It is not by accident that five contemporary Nigerian artists of internationally repute are coming together to exhibit their works. Identities as the theme of this exhibition goes, gives these artists room to showcase their individual amazing works, express themselves, their style, technique and medium,” says Udemma Chukwuma, the co-curator of the exhibition.
“You could easily identify each artist by a glance at their work as they have created an identity for themselves, which is what Identities stands for,” says Chukwuma.
Some of the works which will be on display are: Dream Chaser Chronicles ll, Into Pythagoras Labyrinth, Transverse Section Through Dream and Noogenesis 5 by O’nali. Jennifer and , Looking up to the Glorious High, News on Transit and Blue Repose by Stanley Dudu. Minutes of the Previous Meeting, Rhythms and Dots, and Openly Closed –etchings by Onyishi. Full Eyed Man Led by the Blind, Drown in the Ocean of Crude Materialism, Beauty Deeper than Cosmetic, Patch, and Race and Identity by Makata.

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