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Benin Prince to Show Permanent Art Collection

By Udemma Chukwuma
Painting by Emosivbe
 A prince of the ancient Benin kingdom, Prince Omoregbe Erediauwa, is set to display some of his private art collections to the public this June in Benin City. The works, some of which date back to the 18th century, will be on display at the Crown Art Gallery in Benin, the Edo State capital.

In an interview with Arts and Culture, Erediauwa revealed that the purpose of the exhibition is to introduce two new artists to the art world, “because a lot of people are familiar with the same old names and there are lots of talented people out there who do not have access to exhibit their works.”
Works on display in the gallery
Painting by Emosivbe
He said promoting the younger artists is a project he has embarked on in order to give them a platform to show their works.
To show how serious he is with the project, Erediauwa has picked two brilliant artists, Pius Owolabi and Kamere Emosivbe, who will exhibit their works alongside the Prince in an exhibition themed Traces of Time, which opens on Saturday, June 23 and runs till Sunday, July 2, 2017. Owolabi will show ten works while Emosivbe will exhibit 15 pieces.
Erediauwa said the Crown Art Gallery, which he founded four years ago, is collaborating with France-based curator, Bose Fabgemi, as she has the same vision and mission with the gallery, which is to promote the rich cultural heritage of Nigeria, especially that of Edo State.
“We are collaborating with Bose Fabgemi not only because she is experienced, but also because we both have a common mission to promote Art in Edo State and Nigeria, which is known for its rich cultural diversities.
Painting by Owolabi
“The two artists selected are young and talented but have not had the opportunity to showcase in major exhibitions. It is also an opportunity to help them achieve major goals that they cannot achieve on their own.
“Pius Owolabi, for example, is a talented artist who has trained quit a number of artists. Kamere Emosivbe is known for his brilliant portraits, but with client concentrated in Benin,” he explained.
What inspired him to be collecting artworks and open a gallery? “It has to do with my upbringing. When you are brought up in a place that has rich culture and heritage, somehow it becomes a part of you. I try as much as possible to collect art that has to do with my culture,” he added

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