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Quintessence shows Soulfulness; a sincere expression

Work by Hodonu Nathaniel
By Udemma Chukwuma
This Saturday, the works of thirteen contemporary Nigerian artists will be showing at Quintessence Gallery, Lagos, Nigeria, and will run till June 14.
Visual Explorators, as the artists are called, is a highly interactive group whose main purpose is to support knowledge and help the public gain insight into art practice. They work within an integrated research culture and their work informs every level of activity in the field. Under the leadership of Dr. Kunle Adeyemi, their studio serves as a critically and socially engaged platform for experimentation about visual art and its applications to generate opportunities.
According to them, Soulfulness is a sincere expression of the way they think, feel and desire. “It is about the commonalities that binds our people and our culture. It is studio-led research promoting the beauty in our region,” they explain.
Communion by Olusegun Oduyele 
Art critics, lovers and buyers who are searching for new grounds will find these works quite engaging. These enduring works that will be opened for public viewing for three weeks have images in deep etchings, water colour, and mixed media.
The artists who will be participating in the group exhibition of paintings, prints and mixed media are: Dr Kunle Adeyemi, K. Olojo-Kosoko, Tunde Oguntuyo, Biodun Okemakinde, Aladegbongbe, Adetola Adenuga, Dayo Adeyemi, Isaac Joseph, Jimoh Luqman, Bashir Kalejaiye, Adeyemi Abiola, Olusegun Oduyele and Hodonu Nathaniel.
Quintessence Gallery is happy that the leader of the group, Kunle Adeyemi is giving the younger ones a chance to develop their creative ability and opening them to new ideas and insight.
“Quintessence welcomes these thirteen artists to its gallery, as we try to move away our minds from the ugly stories about public monies meant for our common good, being found in burial grounds and private houses. Thanks to whistle blowers.  This exhibition will help us move away from the chaos of today,” says Moses Ohiomokhare, the curator and director of the gallery.

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