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Love Is... The Musical at the Eko Hotels

After a year’s wait, the promoters of Love Is... The Musical,' recently announced that the drama will be showing at the Eko Hotels, Lagos on Friday, February 5, 2016.

The much talked about drama has proven to be the country’s most eclectic and theatrical portrayal of love. In five years, “Love Is... The Musical” has proven to be the country’s most eclectic and theatrical portrayal of love. Each year, the show reinvents itself, bringing an even more exciting experience, than the previous year. The Creator and Director of the stage production, Ice Nweke, expressed that this year’s show has aroused so much interest, because of plans to make it bigger than it has ever been in the past.

“Love Is... The Musical” is the love story of three ladies; a passion-filled poet, a professional dancer and a business woman in search of love, narrated with five art forms; Choreography, Music, Spoken Word, Visual Arts and Short Film. It is a performance of assumptions, feedbacks and observations on the idea of love, and it tells this emotion so intricately, and with a careful presentation of collective perceptions that it could be called the most structured, assemble of different forms that tell a universally confounding emotion.

The drama would be staged in its full and unabridged version for the first time. Nweke explained that though the show had to be cancelled last year because of unavailability ofna suitable venue, the audience can be assured of an unforgettable experience this February. This edition promises to be bigger and better. 

He hinted that one of the exciting things expected this year is a walk-in exhibition and a performance that would open the audience to a concerted art form that narrates an exciting love story. He said, “this year’s version of Love Is... The Musical, will be different, and absolutely fantastic. We are bringing the show to the stage in the original form it was conceived and I can assure you that the show will run for more than one-and-half hours without break. Every moment would be exciting.”

Artistes such as Yinka Davies, Timi Dakolo, Comedian, EmmaOhMyGod, Igos and Gordons, as well as Efe Paul-Azino and Donna the Poet will be participating.

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