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LagosPhoto set to launch 'Africa Under the Prism'

Africa Under the Prism, the first comprehensive chronological volume which focuses on new and contemporary photography will be launched on Sunday, February 7, 2016, by 5: pm at African Artists Foundation Headquarters in Ikoyi, Lagos.

The book which relates to Africa, contains texts by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Nigerian Writer and Storyteller), Marc PrĂ¼st (Photography Consultant and Curator), and Mr Azu Nwagbogu (LagosPhoto Artistic Director).

Aptly titled to reveal stories and images that mainstream media has largely ignored without having an advertorial or positivist agenda. The book sheds light on the contemporary photographers, as well as the contemporary stories, people, socio-cultural issues, politics, aesthetics, fashions, sub-cultures, day to day life, and diversity in Africa today.

Africa Under the Prism is salient, timely, introspective, and relevant for anyone who is interested in contemporary visual culture and Africa. It simultaneously chronicles the exhibited work of the Lagos Photo Festival of the last five years and also serves as the definitive reference point for new photographers working throughout the continent.

Notably, LagosPhoto which began in 2010, is the first and only international festival of photography in Nigeria and one of the most renowned art festivals on the continent. With the vision of establishing a platform for contemporary photography and artistic discourse, LagosPhoto Festival encapsulates the individuality, perseverance, and audacious approach adopted by many of the photographers which LagosPhoto has had the pleasure of showcasing over the years. 

Africa Under the Prism serves as the primary and text that continues the dialogue started by LagosPhoto five years ago. Importantly, LagosPhoto has from inception embraced a community approach with outdoor public space exhibitions as well as gallery style indoor exhibitions. The slogan, “Art Reclaiming Public Spaces” has caught on and is now a moniker for the public space exhibitions.

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