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‘Room for Three’ at Red Door

Every artist subjects himself to influences from existing norms, and subsequently, strives to create an identifiable personal signature. Such a signature redefines the artist, which is authentic, and true to the artist, and represents a seamless amalgamation of technique, style and theme. It is in the light of this that versatile artist; Sobayo Abolore, dedicated endless hours in order to create stunning artworks. 
His first solo exhibition titled Room for Three will open next week Saturday, November 14, at Red Door Gallery, 51B, Bishop Oluwale Street, Vitoria Island, Lagos, by 2pm. The exhibition to his “is a tale of three decades of expedition, driven by passion, creativity and active participation in three different professions,” art, politics and fashion.

Viewer will be seeing art, fashion and politics which inspired Room for Three. Abolore cultural connection to his roots is emphasized in his works by his use of African fabric (adire), whose origin can be traced to the south western of Nigeria, where he is from.

His paintings reposition the adire fabric, showcasing a different way it could be used asides wearables. The fabric to him serves as the background of most of his paintings. Some of his paintings also delve into our history and heritage, serving as archival materials for the future.

Abolore has successfully recreated some of the old styles of the Yoruba outfit into modern day wears, using adire fabric, blend of linen and unique African motives to propagate his stunning designs, which he will showcase in this exhibit. The exhibition according him to will throw some light on the under utilization of this fabric, as it can serve as a source of job creation, improve export and revenue generation.
He tries to use art in educating people about “the bottom up” approach to rebuilding the nation, by trying to explain the role of the government at the grassroots level, an area which members of the community seem to be ignorant of.

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