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Nyemike Tackles 21st Century Slavery with 'EXODUS'

Title: We Speak, We See,We Hear, We Conquer
Exodus an art exhibition by Nyemike Onwuka, a contemporary Nigerian artist, is not focusing on the state of contemporary art in Nigeria, nor does it encapsulates any artistic trends or phenomena. Instead, it highlights the unique aspects of the artist’s perspective on issues affecting women and children.

Nyemike’s new body of works in that this ongoing solo exhibition introduce the use of stencil in depicting patterns, words and symbols to tackle the social decadency affecting women and children all over the world today. A topic many artists pay less attention to.

He engages the viewer by creating captivating images, forms with narrative content by adapting metaphor and allegory. Focusing on facts and history in order to make and unmake boundaries—those dividing communities, regions, nations, and continents, as well as those separating past and present, reality and dreams, and rationality and absurdity.

The need to further strengthen my message prompted extensive research which led to the use of bold texts i.e. alphabets, numbers and shape patterns. Alphabets, numbers, shapes and colours are key elements in the composition of mankind's daily experiences; vital in the description of life's situations e.g. date, time, objects, events, etc.” he explains.   

Title: Hidden Brands (Kept Within)
His style and technique have evolved through years of practice. Today you could see a progressive transitional journey; his artistic evolution, from his experimental and figurative works. A distinctively unique style of elegant urban decay, driven on using texts and patterns ingeniously to project his thoughts onto canvas and also to embellish. “Combining the need to evolve as an artist with the need to express my feelings has brought about the body of works which I call Exodus.”

The evolution of art is a result of experimentalists of the art world, a mind class of artists, which Nyemike over the years has proven to belong to. He explores the dynamism of eye pencils, liquid latex and oil bars in creating works with extraordinary aesthetic components and depth. “In this collection I have opted to explore a more colourful approach to painting, combined with my use of latex and figurative representation of the subjects. Exodus has proven to be a different experience altogether in creation and in viewing.”

The exhibition of paintings, drawings, mixed medias and installations, which opened last weekend, Saturday, November 12, at the Signature Art Gallery in Lagos, Nigeria, will run for a week.

“I hope with Exodus I have been able to entertain the viewers and also pleasantly sensitise them on the subject of 21st century slavery survivors,” he says. 

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