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Chika Idu speaks on UNBOUNDED SPIRIT

In 2001 I was informed by Ola Balogun that a friend of his (Akintunde O John) had a very large studio space which he was looking for other artists to share with, I felt it was a great idea because I missed the atmosphere of my school studio since I had graduated three years before, on my visit to the 'would be studio' I discovered that I was not the only invited artist, Ola had invited a number of other artist, and the studio itself' an abandoned factory site situated in the hearth of Ebutemeta in Lagos Nigeria. I was excited. I said to myself that it was an ideal environment for my growth... I did not need to be persuaded, so I came on board.
Within the first few months a number of the artists who joined the studio left and only nine members remained and the nine formed a group and named it Defactori Studio. I was made the first coordinator of the group. The group was made up of:  Ola Balogun, Shino Adeladan, Akintunde.o. John, Taiwo George Taylor, Awoyemi Jibade, Simian Akherebu, Ayahnu Anthony, Danmola Adepoju and Chika Idu.

Since its inception the group has organised workshops, seminars, exhibitions and we are the only art group or society in Nigeria to have made and presented an award geared towards art development in Nigeria.

All the members of the studio except Akintunde have relocated their studio space from Defactori Studio to their private studios; this is mainly due to residential distance. The group has evolved beyond geographical definition, our connectivity is our ideology. 

About their upcoming show “UNBOUNDED SPIRIT”

This theme represents the studio’s ideology, we believe that through these cooperation not competition, originality in expression, individualisation in technique and style, experimentation, self discovery and awareness , points our vision for the art society can be achieved.

The exhibition opens tomorrow, Saturday, July 18, at Terra Kulture, Victoria Island, Lagos, from 4:00pm and runs until July 27.

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