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Boris Anje Tabufor (b.1993), discovered art since his earliest days. He received his first drawing lessons from his cousin (and artist) Samuel Njomke. His work focuses on the notion of negative dependence
“My artwork is highlighting our link to negative dependence. A force which creates a virtual link between two random items. Creating a balance fulfilling his imagination, this is how humans are becoming their own odalisque. I want my artworks to be a mirror used for an internal process of introspection.
Anje composes black silhouettes animated with logotypes that reflect what he defines as the social and material conventions enslaving men. Lettering and logos that also refer to the marks left on the body by the disease. Consumerism, superficiality sound like a denunciation of the conditions of production of an entertainment society.
He lives and works in Douala, Cameroon. 

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