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Lagos Babes

Lagos Babes
- I remember that face. I don't forget faces. That face staring at me I know it well. 
But she's forgotten the name. 
- Yes now. I'm sure that's the man. 
She grabs her phone and scrolls down contacts list. She makes a call. 
Hello. How bodi? Did you see the papers today? 
I don't read them anymore. They only talk about corruption. 
Hmmmm. By the way, that your friend in Oil and Gas, that one I met at your place is in the news o. 
Which one? 
That one that ate ogbonna with fork and knife. 
Oh, oh, that one, what are they saying about him? 
He's been picked up by EFCC. 
Are you sure it is he? 
I saw his photo. 
What's the person's name? 's looking for it in the paper in her other hand when she hears se stop spreading fake news. That's not the person you met with me. 
Haba Lagos babes! 

By O'Yemi Ajike Afolabi Lagos, 14 March 2017


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